* Exert from evaluation survey from:

~  Pete & Tera Wood of Sonoita, Arizona.

What did you like about working with me?
Your enthusiastic and positive attitude. The willingness and promptness in researching and finding answers to any questions or issues.

What areas could stand improvement?
We have been quite impressed and very satisfied with your excellent service.We would certainly choose North Cascade Land & Home Company again.

How did we do as a team? 
Enjoyed working together. Great communication!

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest) please rate the quality I/We provided:

* Returning phone calls/emails: (10)
* Professional: (10)
* Knowlegeable: (10)
* Listening Skills: (10)
* Problem Solving: (10)
*Availablity: (10)
* Enthusiasm: (10)
* Communication: (10)
* Easy to work with: (10)
* Follow through: (10)

* Would you recommend me/our team to others?

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Tricia Eyre,Designated Broker
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