Methow Valley Lifestyle

Methow Valley Lifestyle

Welcome to the Methow Valley!

The Methow Valley is located in North Eastern Washington, at the foothills of the North Cascade mountain range. The valley is approximately 2 miles wide and about 70 miles long. Sitting at a starting elevation of  775 feet and rising to 5,477 feet at Washington Pass with the highest rugged peaks at 9,000 feet above sea level. And is home to a population of about 5,023 people that enjoy magnificient landscapes in the pristine mountain, forest and river environments all four Seasons. The colorful mosaic of farmers, artists, recreationalists,  local denizens and visitors alike create a wonderful community that share a quality place to embrace.

A Brief History

"Here was a smiling country Winning the Heart at sight"  
~ Owen Wister

The first inhabitants of the Methow Valley lived along the banks of the Methow, Twisp and Chewuch rivers over 9,000 years ago. It was not until 1883 when the lure of gold brought the first permanent settlers, three of which were James Ramsey, Ben Pearrygin and Guy Waring. Although Waring is the acclaimed founding father of the Methow Valleys' town of Winthrop it was named after Theodore Winthrop, a Yale graduate, adventurer and gifted 19th century author. Before writing his sensational novel, 'The Virginian', Owen Wister had come to the Methow Valley to visit his college friend Guy Waring. Many people believe Mr. Wister gathered  material for his famous novel while spending time in the Methow Valley and Winthrop area. In 1948 the Methow Valley experienced a tremendous Flood. In 1972, the North Cascades Highway opened giving access to Lost River, Mazama, Winthrop, Twisp, Carlton and the town of Methow as well as to many formidable trails and passes to the wild areas.

Accessible Recreation

The Methow has a labyrinth of trails to be used as each season unfolds for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, running, skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling. Over 100 miles of groomed nordic ski trail system for world class conditions to enjoy. Ski and Snowshoe trails that are dog friendly! Ski events for both training and competitions. Over 150 miles of groomed snowmobile trails for fun winter sports experience. Ice rink for individual enjoyment and for Hockey. Horse drawn sleigh rides through the Winter Wonderland! High elevation mountain trails through Public Land and Wilderness areas.  Like Kit Carson said, "Don't forget nothing"!

Arts & Culture

In 1893 the government had  appropriated $20,000. to build a wagon road from Bellingham to Spokane that never really developed as proposed.  Gold fever was contagious and even the road commissioners seemed convinced that the road may soon be paved in Gold as it would give access to the mighty mineral deposits along this route!  With the actual opening of the North Cascades Highway where it is today, local business people began planning a vision to attract visitors' and artists' alike to interpret the Methow Valleys' beauty. The Western theme town of Wintrhop was created in celebration of the real history the pioneers knew.  This gave way for sport enthusiasts to access challenges in unspoiled areas. It was also a portal for many artists, musicians, writers, and wildcrafters that now call the Methow Valley home. Many cultural events have been established throughout the Methow Valley and are attended year after year as they evolve, inspire and satisfy all that participate! From Art shows to the weekly seasonal Farmers Market that offers a plethora of Organic items, one never fails to be entertained and delighted. Things do move a little slower here ...and has come to be known as 'Methow Time'!

'Along the Patterson Lake Road'
Original artwork by Diedre Cassidy


The Methow has four distinct seasons to experience.   Mean Low average Temperature : 20 degrees  Mean High average Temperature:  86. The  precipatation is approximately 82 inches of snowfall annually.

We have mostly Sunny days throughout the Year! My favorite local weather man always said... if you want to know the weather in the Methow Valley then you should step outside!  It's the only way to really know!

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